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Newsom, a health and human performance major from Mt. m ■ I Photo by Teranda Donatio Free condoms are available to students in addition to informational pamphlets about safe sex.Vernon, Texas, initially came to NSU for the track and field team but soon joined a host of other organizations, including the Kappa Alpha Order and Student Activities Board. "She was one of the first girls I met here because of Freshman Connection," Newsom said. "It's been a good learning experience as far as learning leadership skills, time management and people skills," Newsom said about his years at NSU. I've had a lot of opportunity to get involved and learn about myself," he added. Photo by Cheryl Thompson T Senior family and consumer science major Jenah Darbonne checks junior political science major Dominique Rushing's blood pressure.She told friends: "I can't believe he's here - and with her. Of all the parties in the world, they've turned up here.' A friend comforted her and said that while Johnson was out with a model, she still looked beautiful. Proctor burst into fits of laughter and mimicked Church's stumble.Church recovered and started dancing, a cigarette in one hand.

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What she did not realise was that Johnson was also a guest and he was parading his new girlfriend. I feel so ashamed he showed up with her.' But then as Church tried to walk past Johnson and his new lover, she slipped on a stray vol-au-vent and skidded across the floor.

Four years later, they were chosen by their fellow peers in a run-off election to represent the university as the 2006 Mr. ""It was such an honor to be chosen along with Cody/' Burton said.

Burton is a senior biology, chemistry and physics triple major from Bossier City.

See more » While it isn't clear if Troy was simply taking a phone call and returning to Barnaby at the pub table, it appears that he's joining him after finding out that the contractor received a call canceling the victim's appointment.

Troy goes to take a sip of his beer and momentarily looks surprised that the pint is already half-finished.But, on the showbiz party circuit, it seems the Voice of an Angel singer cannot get away from him.