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01-Feb-2018 05:44

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The administration's plan would also enable recent graduates to consolidate their loans and achieve lower interest rates, and set up a program aimed at helping students better understand their options when taking out loans.While outlining the "Pay As You Earn" plan on Wednesday, the president spoke of his own struggles with student debt.This is the company that's collecting your money on behalf of the federal student loan program. If you're eligible for the following services, your servicer will do it for free.You don't pick the company -- one company out of 10 is assigned to you by the DOE. Additionally, that plan dictated that the balance of borrowers' debt would be forgiven after 20 years of payments rather than in 25 years.

Nearly half said the company contacted them directly, and 9% said they've actually paid for these services. Some companies try to appear sanctioned by the federal government.

After providing an endless supply of loan opportunities to help students solve the problem of paying for a college education, the federal government was faced with the obvious follow up: What can you do to help students pay back those loans?

The answer has been a series of income-driven repayment plans, including the Pay As You Earn (PAYE) program and its most recent offspring, the Revised Pay As You Earn program or REPAYE.

The two programs are part of income-based repayment plans that are quickly becoming popular with federal student loan borrowers.

Enrollment in the income-based repayment plans quadrupled between 20."I know you're hearing stories from friends and classmates and siblings who are struggling to find work, and you're wondering what's in store for your future. Obama told the crowd at the Colorado University - Denver.

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